Types of funeral

Choosing between burial and cremation is one of the first decisions you will need to make. However, today you have a wide range of options available to you, from woodland burial grounds, to having cremated remains interred in a small burial plot.


Burials are a popular option for many families, and loved ones can usually be buried in a local or chosen burial ground. A burial ground may have already been chosen and a plot paid for, or you might want to explore options like woodland burial grounds. Whatever you are interested in, our funeral directors can guide you through your options and prices so you get the burial that’s right for your family.

You can also have cremated remains buried in a small plot with a memorial so that the family have a place to visit. If you’re wondering how to organise a funeral, or want to know about purchasing burial plots, we’re here to help smooth out the process and take care of the details.


Cremation is the most popular option for families and will take place at a crematorium where you can have religious and non-religious ceremonies. At Harold White we can advise on all areas of cremation, and how you can personalise the ceremony from selecting hymns and music, to photo galleries and readings.

After the cremation, families can choose to have the remains interred in a burial plot, scattered at the crematorium, at a location of their choosing, or may even have the ashes made into jewellery.

Attended Cremation

This type of service is where a ceremony is held at the crematorium right before cremation takes place. Crematoriums are used by many faiths so there’s a lot of flexibility in the type of service you can have. It’s worth considering crematoriums outside of the area where you live as this might improve availability and work out more cost effective.

Direct Cremation (or unattended cremation)

A direct cremation is unattended, which means you’re able to plan a ceremony somewhere else. This is a popular option for those looking for something less formal and traditional, but also for those working to a tighter budget. Direct cremations allow for plenty of freedom when it comes to the memorial service.

Natural burials and eco-funerals

Many are looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly funerals. This usually involves options that tread lighter on the planet or have a much smaller carbon footprint. You might want to consider woodland burial grounds, biodegradable urns, natural burial shrouds, or funeral vehicles that don’t rely on fossil fuels. If you would like further advice on natural and eco funerals, get in touch with one of the team.

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