What is direct cremation?

You may have heard the term direct cremation and be wondering what the service entails. Direct cremation, which is also sometimes referred to as an unattended cremation or a simple cremation, is where your loved one is cremated without any mourners present.

The cost of a direct cremation is lower than a traditional cremation where family and friends gather for a service. Due to this, it’s become increasingly popular as an option, especially where families are working to a tight budget.

Cremation without the funeral service

The cremation will take place at the most convenient and cost effective time slot, and the family will later collect the ashes. At this point, you can then take the cremated remains and scatter them in a specific location, put them on display in an urn, or have them made into jewellery and mementoes.

Celebrating the life of your loved one

Just because you choose to have a direct cremation, doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorial service privately. Many families choose to hold their own gathering separately and away from the crematorium or cemetery. They might choose to celebrate the life of their loved one over a meal, at a family member’s house, or hold a memorial outside at a location they choose to scatter the ashes.

Why are direct cremations cheaper?

Direct cremations are more straightforward than attended cremations so they are a less expensive option. At Harold White, you can choose a date for a direct cremation but it will almost always take place in the morning; this is a more quiet time for crematoriums so they offer a reduced fee. And because the cremation happens behind closed doors, there is no need for a premium coffin – we include a basic coffin as part of our package. You’re also unlikely to need orders of service or flowers however you may still choose to have these items if you do a separate memorial service.

Support for you and your family

While unattended cremations are a cost effective and simple option, you are by no means left on your own. You will still get the same support, comfort and advice from our team, as well as help with the paperwork that’s needed at this time. Our direct cremation price also includes the use of our chapel of rest so that you can spend time with your loved one before the cremation.

If you have any further questions regarding direct cremations, please get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help you.

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