Create a slideshow of photos or videos to be played on the day of the funeral. Remembering precious moments throughout your loved one’s life.

A slideshow allows you to create a stunning visual display of a persons life, bringing in images and videos of your loved one, and remembering special moments of their life. Slideshows can be played with music, or even include voiceover from family videos.

Slideshows might be played during the funeral service, but could also be viewed at the wake, and shared after the day of the ceremony. Looking back over a beautiful life, sharing the history of your loved one, can help people remember intimate moments, memorable stories, and times shared together.

A slideshow that has been put together with care and sensitivity can have a powerful impact on those gathered at the funeral. We recommend Shaun at The Funeral Streaming Company. If you would like further advice or help with tribute videos and slideshows, please reach out to one of the Harold White team.

Prices start at £220

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