Photography, videography & live streaming

Create a memorial of pictures or film for your funeral service, a visual way to pay tribute to your loved one and include those who are unable to attend on the day.

The support of a photographer or videographer at your funeral can be a touching way to capture moments of kindness and compassion as friends and family gather to remember. A photographer will be able to document moments you might otherwise miss, and give you mementos that show the impact your loved one has had on their community.

Live streams are often used at funerals to help include those who are unable to join you on the day. Some venues will offer live streams as part of the service but for those that don’t, or if you’re holding a memorial service in a quiet meadow with patchy signal, we can recommend Shaun at The Funeral Streaming Company. If you’d like advice on funeral photography, videography or live streaming, please  get in touch.

Prices start at £750

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