Wakes & catering

Take care of your wake and catering for post-ceremony gatherings with one of our local catering recommendations.

A wake is the social gathering that takes place after the funeral service. For small gatherings, this might take place at your home, or more traditionally, it could be held in in a function room at a hotel, pub, social club, or tea rooms.

A wake is an informal setting where you can talk, pay your respects and remember your loved one. You’ll find that some mourners might attend the funeral, but not the wake, or the wake, but not the funeral. During this gathering, you usually find refreshments including some light food such as sandwiches.

Holding the reception at your home can keep costs down, but it can also be a bit more stressful. At Harold White we can recommend a number of appropriate venues, as well as catering options that can be used wherever you choose to hold your wake. If you would like further advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.