Who do I inform of the death?

When someone dies, there can be quite a bit of admin to take care of. After receiving a medical certificate of cause of death, you will need to register the death at the local registry office. You’ll need to take the medical death certificate with you, along with paperwork such as the birth certificate, driving license, council tax bill, or passport of the deceased.

The Tell Us Once Service

When you register the death, you will be told about the Tell Us Once service, which has been in place since 2011. The Tell Us Once Service will notify a wide range of government organisations including vehicle registration, benefits, the electoral register, and any public sector pensions.

Closing down accounts

After registering the death, you will still need to notify a number of other places too. This includes things like shutting down internet providers, car insurance policies, and household bills. Much like the Tell Us Once Service, there are a few companies out there that can provide a similar service across utilities, which are mostly free to use. This includes Life Ledger, and Settld. These services will contact banks and building societies, as well as utility providers, social media sites, private pensions, and insurance companies among others.

Accepting help

Whether you choose to use notification services, or to contact providers individually, it’s natural for this process to be quite overwhelming. However, once the death is registered, some of these jobs could be delegated to other family members. A clear and methodical approach will make this admin much smoother. If it’s possible, this is a good time to accept some help if it’s offered.

If you would like further advice on who to notify when someone dies, please get in touch.

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