We are proud members of the National Society for Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), but what exactly does that mean…

The National Society for Allied and Independent Funeral Directors

SAIF was established in 1989 to support independent funeral directors and provide assurance for families when choosing a funeral home.

Up until 2021, there was no legislation governing how funeral directors should be operated. Since then, the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) has introduced a legally binding order which requires funeral directors to clearly display a standardised price list in their premises and on their website. It also prohibits unethical methods of incentivising and soliciting business from health care providers.

The CMA order is a welcomed step towards ensuring a more transparent service for people who are trying to understand and compare the costs of different funeral directors. But it doesn’t currently suggest or monitor the standards of care provided within a funeral home.

As a long-standing member of SAIF, our funeral homes must comply with a strict code of practice. This includes but isn’t limited to the adherence of the CMA order mentioned above. As well as transparent pricing information, we are obliged to share our trading history and have our facilities inspected regularly to ensure that health and safety standards are being observed.

By choosing a SAIF registered funeral home, your family is assured of a compassionate, professional service which adheres to SAIF’s code of practice. Families using a SAIF funeral home are also able to benefit from SAIF Care bereavement support as well as a consumer protection scheme.

Being a funeral director is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible standards and hope that the regular scrutiny by an independent organisation helps to provide some peace of mind for the families who are considering using us. If you have any questions about the way that we operate, our team is always available to talk.

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